I’m a writer.

You probably figured that out by now.

What you might not realize (or perhaps you do…since you might BE me) is that I’m a notoriously stubborn writer and only want to write what strikes my fancy.

I’m insightful enough to recognize that this hinders me, possibly even my career.

In college I dropped multiple creative writing classes because I refused to respond to prompts.

I honestly don’t see it all as stubborness.

I think I have a condition where I legitimately shut down when I’m told what to write.

I’m one of the rare few who seldom gets writer’s block. On one hand I’m thankful, but I also know that only writing from my brain bank inhibits growth. ***

I might be able to write about something amazing yet I don’t allow myself to go there because of lack of interest.

I created this blog for the sole purpose of writing what someone else suggests.

Specifically, this is a place where I will respond to prompts.

WordPress prompts, random prompts that other bloggers suggest, maybe some reviews, on and on and on. No limits really, as long I respond to some sort of prompt.

I’m excited to see what this space becomes.

I also randomly chose a grid theme that requires visuals. I now have a much more manageable theme. My god. I know my limits. I most certainly am not a graphic designer. I’m a writer, an unhinged one bordering on emotional instability at the moment, if I’m being completely honest.

I plan to pull from my photo bank, so that should be interesting as well. I will be pulling from my photo bank, but I’m working on being more real. This site is primarily for writing. I do enjoy photography and blogging for camaraderie and community and all that, but my goal here is focus, and lately writing has taken a backseat to other flashier endeavors and I aspire to improve how I put words together. I suppose it’s safe to say I want to get back to the basics.

This space will evolve, but I want to publish these free-writes and will aim to post daily.

I love a challenge.

Feel free to take whatever prompt you like and run with it.

I also love suggestions, so feel free to throw them out if you’re moved to do so and I’ll link back to your blog.


***Note*** — I’ll be doing little editing here. It’s a rather stream-of-consciousness sort of locale. I quickly re-read the above and realized that I have been suffering with writer’s block of late…so…I’ve already lied to you or perhaps I’ve simply deluded myself. I already want to give up…but alas…I’ll trudge onward.

*** All names used in this blog are pseudynoms — to protect the innocent and poorly behaved.